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     Cattle Sales - Mondays

                                      Restaurant - Family Dining
       Homecooking, Finest Food & Service in Town
       Regular Cafe Hours: 
Monday thru Friday 6:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.,mt, 
         NEW ITEMS:  Sweet Potato Nuggets, Mini Corn Dogs, Fried Green Beans

$5 Breakfast Specials                               Lunch Specials     
Monday - 2 Eggs,Bacon, Saus.or Ham & Tst.      Monday, July 4 - Closed   
                Tuesday - 2 Egg Sausage & Cheese Omlet Tst.  Tues. June 28 - Fried Chicken Dinner  
Wednesday - Biscuits & Sausage Gravy              Wednesday, June 29 - Polish Sausage Dinner
                Thursday - 2 Egg Ham & Cheese Omlet Tst.       Thursday. June 30 - BLT / Soup or a Side           
                Friday - 2 Egg, Canadian Bac & Cheese San.      Friday. July 1 - Indian Taco or Chef Salad    
 Closed Saturday July 2, Sunday July 3,                                                                                                                                                                      

                              Phone: 605-685-6716                                 

Martin Livestock Auction, Inc. is a long-time competitive livestock auction market located on Highway 18 in South Central South Dakota.  Established in 1954, Martin Livestock sells quality Western South Dakota and Western Nebraska livestock to customers throughout the midwest.

Our computerized scale has the capacity to weigh a full load of cattle in one draft.   Weekly Cattle Sales are broadcast live on the web at

Martin Livestock has a full service restaurant in the Salebarn. Comfortable seating in the Sale ring for buyers, producers, and spectators. Martin municipal airport is within walking distance from the Salebarn. Martin also has a AAA motel.

002 people in seats


                                           Martin Livestock Auction, Inc.  
                Contact us:                                                       P O Box 1038  

      PHONE: 605-685-6716                               Martin, SD  57551                  



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